Aarogya Wellness

Health. Vitality. Wellness.

Aarogya in hindi means wellness. The objective of this program is to create the foundation of strong basic health and immunity. Under Aarogya we provide freshly cooked breakfast & lunch everyday; a weekly doctor consultation, speialist medical intervention like dentist , dermatologist and physical and mental fitness program to support the health of each child. The weekly Out patient department (OPD) that is run in the school by Dr Nandita Chakraborty is extended to the parents and family of the students too.

Lotus Petal Foundation also runs a monthly health camp ob every first Sunday each month that is open to the entire community. Facility of eye testing, pathological & lab work etc. is also provided during the camp. Over 2000 people have been treated during the camp so far.

Under Aarogya Wellness, students learn to grow their own food, make their own compost pit and understand the nuances of gardening under the in house urban farm. This creates their interest in nutrition and nurturing enables them to make better food choices.

Over 60,000 meals were served in the year 2015-16 to all our students as breakfast and lunch.