Pratishthan Learning Centre

Dream. Imagine. Soar.

Pratishthhan in Hindi means foundation. Pratisthan Learning Center is the secondary section of Lotus Petal that runs from Grade 6 to Grade 12. The medium of education is English and based on the NCERT curriculum. Students complete their secondary education and move into professional courses or jobs based on vocational skills. Depending upon their talent and capabilities, each student is counselled to make a relevant coareer choice.

Students who join the Pratishthan program are lagging in education levels by age due to fractured education. They are put on a fast track program to complete their grade 6 to 10 in 3 years , so that they can complete grade 10 at the appropriate age. Inter school competitions , communication classes, dance, theatre  and a fitness program is woven into their schedule for their confidence and overall personality development.