BIT Mesra – Class of 92-96 Merit Scholarship



BIT Mesra – Class of 92-96 Merit Scholarship

BIT, Mesra – Class of 92-96 Merit Scholarship

Birla Institute of Technology, Mesra is a premium institute based out of Mesra, Ranchi. The batch of 92-96 is celebrating its silver jubilee, 25 years of graduation, in 2021. To mark the occasion and as a way of give back to the institute, the class is instituting a merit-based scholarship which will be awarded every year to the students who are facing financial difficulties. This award will be given to the students pursuing the undergraduate program at the Mesra campus.

To make this award perpetual in nature the class will create a corpus fund, no less than 25 Lakhs, which will be managed by Lotus Petal Foundation. The money thus collected will be put in risk-free investments and the earnings from the same will be disbursed as scholarships every year to the students.

About the Scholarship

This scholarship will be awarded to the undergraduate programstudents of the BIT, Mesra campus who face a financial crunch at home. The scholarship will carry a cash award of Rs. 50,000/- paid in 2 instalments of Rs. 25,000/- each for 1 student of the 2nd year and 1 student of the 3rd year adding up to Rs. 1,00,000/- annually.

Qualification Criteria

Students will need to apply for the scholarship after receiving the results of the even semester. All students applying for the scholarship must have a minimum CGPA of 7.5. In addition, they will be required to submit the details of their family background and provide details of the family income which must be attested by the college administration. They must also provide the justification for seeking scholarship and how the scholarship money will be used.

Note: Any or all of the criteria may be changed from time to time based on the situation as may be deemed fit.


Award will be decided through voting by the members who have contributed to the fund. Whoever gets the most votes gets the award. The money from the award will be directly transferred into the student’s account.

DateDonor Details
05/03/2021Amit Akhouri
10/03/2021Ramesh Agarwal
Mit Majithia
12/03/2021Sameer Shisodia
12/03/2021Vishal Veda
12/03/2021Kopal Raj
13/03/2021Puneet Mohan Saxena
16/03/2021Kirti Chadha
16/03/2021Santosh Sharan
17/03/2021Sumana V
17/03/2021Raja Viswanathan
19/03/2021Abhishek Mandal
20/03/2021Gourav Budhia
21/03/2021Anand Kumar
22/03/2021Swayambhu Kumar Chaturvedi
23/03/2021Anup Sinha
24/03/2021Dharmendra Kumar
25/03/2021Chinmoy Mandal
26/03/2021Soni Singh
26/03/2021Arvind Raman
27/03/2021Neelesh Durgapal
31/03/2021Sujit Kispotta
01/04/2021Kanwarpal Singh Gill
01/04/2021Gyan Shankar
01/04/2021Swayambhu Kumar Chaturvedi
02/04/2021Samir Vikash
04/04/2021Chaitanya Anand
07/04/2021Amit Chadha
09/04/2021Indus Khaitan
09/04/2021Hare Ram
10/04/2021Purushotam Kumar
10/04/2021Purnima Chhabra
13/04/2021Samir Kumar Mishra

₹25,00,000 Target

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