Vidyananda School 

Love. Laugh. Learn.

Vidyananda School is a K - 5 primary school for the underprivileged children. At Vidyananda we believe good primary education is the key for children to flourish in higher grades and thereby find a strong footing in any professional or vocational settings. An emphasis is given in imparting quality education and giving a solid foundation in the fundamentals that gears them for the mainstream life. Gentle and creative methods are practiced  to convey regular curriculum. enhance the personality and linguistic skills of the child.

The goal of Vidyananda School is to prepare children to move into Pratishthan program after completing Grade 5. 

The primary curriculum is as prescribed by NCERT. The learning outcomes for each Grade is defined. Lesson plans are prepared accordingly.

Medium of education is English and special attention is given to spelling and handwriting skills. Theatre , use of library and performing arts help develop the language and inter personal skills of a child. Regular parent teacher interaction through Parent Teacher Meetings and counselling helps motivate the parent to keep the child in the education system.