Birla Institute of Technology, Mesra is a premium institute based out of Mesra, Ranchi. To celebrate 25 years of graduation in 2021, the batch of 92-96 came together to create a fund and institute a merit-based scholarship for the undergraduate students of BIT-Mesra who might be facing financial difficulties. This scholarship is their way of giving back to their alma mater and encouraging the students to excel in what they do. This award will be given to the students pursuing the undergraduate program at the Mesra campus.

The management and implementation of the program will be done by Lotus Petal Foundation.

About the Scholarship

This scholarship will be awarded to a student of the undergraduate program of the BIT, Mesra campus who is going through a financial crunch. The scholarship will carry a cash award of Rs. 1 Lakh and will be given to 1 student every year. Students who have completed at least 1 semester and have their results available can apply.

Qualification Criteria

The following are the qualification criteria for application:

  1. The applicant must be enrolled in a full-time undergraduate course at BIT, Mesra Campus.
  2. The applicant must have completed at least 1 semester and have the results available.
  3. Applicant must have a minimum CGPA of 7.5 to qualify.

Important Dates

Date Milestone
1st of February Applications Open
10th March Applications Close
7th April Announcement of the Award
28th May Disbursement of the Award money

The applications will be reviewed internally, and applicants will be notified of the scholarship award before the due date. Please submit the complete details so that there can be a fair evaluation. Incomplete applications will not be considered. The recipient of the scholarship award will be required to sign an MoU before the amount is disbursed to them. For any questions or clarifications, you may contact Ramesh Agarwal.

Scholarship Awards

Prakhar Kumar Singh

Prakhar Kumar Singh

B. Tech - Computer Science

Batch 2021-22

Winner of BIT Mesra Scholarship - 2023-24

Satyannagari Sai Raghava

Satyannagari Sai Raghava

Pursuing Bachelors of Technology (Computer Science)

Batch 2020-21

Winner of BIT Mesra Scholarship - 2022-23

“In memory of: Anurag Dhamija | Devesh Kumar | DP Singh | Kaleshwar Mahto | Muktesh Mukherjee | Naveen P Engoor | Rajnish Singh | Vishal Vikram Singh”

Supporters and Contributors

Date Donor Details
05/03/2021 Amit Akhouri
10/03/2021 Ramesh Agarwal
12/03/2021 Mit Majithia
12/03/2021 Sameer Shisodia
12/03/2021 Vishal Veda
12/03/2021 Kopal Raj
13/03/2021 Puneet Mohan Saxena
16/03/2021 Kirti Chadha
16/03/2021 Santosh Sharan
17/03/2021 Sumana V
17/03/2021 Raja Viswanathan
19/03/2021 Abhishek Mandal
20/03/2021 Gourav Budhia
21/03/2021 Anand Kumar
22/03/2021 Swayambhu Kumar Chaturvedi
23/03/2021 Anup Sinha
24/03/2021 Dharmendra Kumar
25/03/2021 Chinmoy Mandal
26/03/2021 Soni Singh
26/03/2021 Arvind Raman
27/03/2021 Neelesh Durgapal
31/03/2021 Sujit Kispotta
01/04/2021 Kanwarpal Singh Gill
01/04/2021 Gyan Shankar
01/04/2021 Swayambhu Kumar Chaturvedi
02/04/2021 Samir Vikash
04/04/2021 Chaitanya Anand
07/04/2021 Amit Chadha
09/04/2021 Indus Khaitan
09/04/2021 Hare Ram
10/04/2021 Purushotam Kumar
10/04/2021 Purnima Chhabra
13/04/2021 Samir Kumar Mishra
12/11/2021 Dhairya Narayan Jha
28/11/2021 Gourav Budhia
13/12/2021 Anand Vikram
13/12/2021 Prince Kumar Mishra
20/12/2021 Cosmas Kiro
24/12/2021 Rakesh Kumar
27/12/2021 Yogesh Kumar
27/12/2021 Kundan Singh
30/01/2022 Nishith Srivastava
02/02/2022 Sanjay Prasad Pandey
21/11/2022 Ramesh Agarwal
26/11/2022 Nawendu Bharti

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