Lotus Petal Foundation partners with organisations to bring about a sizable impact in society by creating more awareness and reaching out to a larger mass.

CSR initiatives from organizations strengthen our support system and processes and help us provide better learning opportunities to the children.

You can collaborate with us to provide support in the area of education, nutrition, livelihood, environmental protection and hygiene.

We provide a detailed report to our partners highlighting the usage of funds, measured outcomes and impact assessment. We also provide:

  • 12A and 80G tax exemption receipt. FCRA certified
  • Audited fund utilization certificate
  • Impact assessment report
  • Employee engagement activities (Volunteering)
  • Branding opportunity

Together we can contribute towards the advancement of society. To collaborate, contact us at connect@lotuspetalfoundation.org.

DISCLAIMER: Lotus Petal Foundation corresponds from email addresses with the domain “@lotuspetalfoundation.org” or from mobile number 9818089635. We do not solicit donations from individuals via phone and WhatsApp and if you receive any calls or email where our name is used, we advise all not to act upon the same and we are not responsible for any donation advanced to the individuals claiming themselves to be associated with Lotus Petal Charitable Foundation and if you have any doubt, please write back to us on connect@lotuspetalfoundation.org.