A year like none other, 2020 brought with it adversity and angst, but also a unique opportunity to delve deeper into the unexplored pools of strength within each of us. This year all of us are heroes.

COVID Response

Online School

Community Feeding

Much like every other organisation in the world, the functioning of the Lotus Petal Foundation came to a standstill upon the declaration of the Covid19 lockdown. The children were left without schooling and access to food became a problem for many. The two immediate goals of the organisation became continued learning of our students and provision for nutritional relief to those in crisis.

The in-house kitchen at Lotus Petal was repurposed to produce packaged meals for the impoverished. The relief efforts were later transformed into community feeding under the Zero Hunger Food Bank platform.

To keep the learning of the students of Lotus Petal on track, the pre-existing digital platform initially used only as the Learning Management System was repurposed by integrating Zoom and academic monitoring features. A dedicated YouTube Channel was established where teachers could make topic-wise videos.

‘Blue Khoj’ job portal was launched to help the parents of our school children find suitable jobs to ensure continuity in their education.

This impact has exceeded our ambitions as we have not only been able to add value to our beneficiaries’ lives but also have had the opportunity to grow immensely as an organisation.

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