Vidyananda is an age-appropriate, English medium feeder school for underprivileged children in Gurugram. The feeder school started in 2013 with 20 students.

The school runs classes from Nursery to Class 1. The focus is on providing quality education and holistic development giving equal importance to education, social skills, and co-curricular activities like fitness, art, and theatre.

Salient Features

  • Age-appropriate English medium feeder school
  • Follows NCERT-based curriculum
  • Lockdown-proof school with a hybrid learning model
  • Tailor-made curriculum for the child from an underprivileged community
  • Attention is given to the holistic growth of the child with activities like fitness, art, & theatre
  • Term exams and periodic parent-teacher meetings keep parents engaged in their child’s education

Program Uniqueness

  • Initiatives like an early introduction to computers allow students to relate theory to the practical world.
  • Interventions are planned to bridge the nutrition gap in younger children with a special breakfast and nutritious meals. Regular health check-ups are conducted, and detailed health reports are maintained to evaluate the child’s development.
  • Our special educator supports children to overcome their learning delays and learning difficulties by taking regular classes. Detailed assessment reports are maintained to evaluate the child’s gradual development.
  • Psychological counselling is given to children when required to help them understand and overcome their difficulties. Detailed assessment reports are maintained to evaluate the child’s gradual development with confidentiality.
Vidyananda School Vidyananda School

The students are served daily nutritious breakfast and freshly cooked lunch to ensure better mental and physical health. Apt nutrition optimizes learning and development and is essential for children’s brain development. Read more about school meals.

The students from Vidyananda feeder school are transferred to Lotus Petal Senior Secondary School in Dhunela after Grade 1.

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