Kushal Raj Chakravorty

Kushal has a degree in engineering from BIT Mesra and an MBA from IIM Lucknow. He has sterling work experience of 20 years in the corporate world. Children and education have been two subjects that have occupied his thoughts frequently though they had no direct relation with his work at the time. Kushal wanted to make a difference. He says it is essential that change is meaningful for the person giving as well as the one receiving. If a child is given adequate educational opportunities, only then can change be sustainable. That is where Lotus Petal came from.


Kushal Raj Chakravorty

Founder & Managing Trustee

Saloni Bhardwaj

Saloni is a writer, journalist and graduate of the University of Sheffield, UK. She started her career working with BBC Radio in the UK and worked for television channels and print media in India. Saloni was always looking to work with people in need, whether it was spending time in Mother Teresa’s home for the destitute or motivating immigrant families to assimilate into the mainstream in England. She found herself spending more of her time volunteering for various non-profits in the United States like Big Brothers Big Sisters, United Way, to name a few. It was her time spent with Ten Thousand Villages in Cincinnati, Ohio that exposed her to ways in which she could organize herself to give in a substantial way. She ran the Cincinnati Fundraising Chapter for Dining For Women. It was then that she dreamt of moving back to India to have her own charity so that people could support one another in leading better and more meaningful lives.


Saloni Bhardwaj

Co-Founder & CTO

Rakesh Jetli

Rakesh is a name that is synonymous to “pillar of support” at the organization. Mr. Jetli holds a glorious 28 years of work experience in the Corporate world. His journey with Lotus Petal Foundation began as a volunteer in 2011.

After being associated with Lotus Petal Foundation for 8 years, in 2019 Mr. Jetli joined full time. Since then, he has zealously shouldered every responsibility with the utmost responsibility & dedication, including construction of the Lotus Petal Senior Secondary School in Dhunela, Gurugram.

A true environmentalist at heart, Mr. Jetli believes that one’s aim should be to improve, develop & co-exist with the environment rather than damaging it. With a firm belief in “no obstruction is bigger than the purpose”, Mr. Jetli has kept the building of the school on track from day one.

Overcoming various challenges, he has always ensured that the organization’s primary goal of keeping the “Child at the Centre” stays everyone’s focus.

Rakesh truly believes that more than a qualified child, it is important to nurture students into educated individuals who understand that living in a sustainable environment is the norm, being disciplined and committed towards their goals is a must to become confident & succesful individuals of the society.

Rakesh Jetli

Co-Founder & Director – Operations

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